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Treatment of renal cyst before infection and after infection

2017-10-19 17:21

Because most of the renal cysts are small, asymptomatic, do not affect the renal function, and the natural change is slow or no change, so generally no treatment, but should be reviewed every six months to one year. For cysts larger than 4 cm in diameter, puncture drainage can be considered, and then injected with tetracycline or absolute alcohol to treat cyst sclerosis in order to prevent recurrence.

Treatment of renal cyst before infection and after infection

The need to check the preoperative platelet counts, bleeding and clotting time, B Ultrasound, B Ultrasound in the treatment of renal cyst sclerosis catheter probe. The puncture needle is inserted into the central cyst, cyst liquid first out, the best pumping net, anhydrous alcohol and then injected into 1/4 extract amount, make the patient as much as possible to change position, make full contact with the liquid sac wall, 5 minutes after taking medicine, to observe the needle after postoperative reexamination in January.

Cyst of secondary infection, patients showed chills, fever, lumbago, also can have frequent micturition, urgency or dysuria, blood culture positive urine bacterial culture can also be positive. Ct showed that the CT value of cyst was higher than that of CT without infection, the wall of cyst was thickened, and the wall of cyst was enhanced after injection of angiography agent. Cyst located at the lower pole or side edge, kidney, guided puncture aspiration of cyst fluid in B Ultrasound guide or CT send routine examination and bacterial culture, the cystic cavity was irrigated with saline.

After general aspiration, the body temperature drops, and the needle is rinsed again every 2~3 days until the cyst fluid is clear and the body temperature drops to normal. At the same time, the use of effective antibiotics should take into account the cyst penetration of drugs. If the cyst repeatedly puncture Granules Combined with effective antibiotics intravenous medication, general 2~3 weeks can control infection. If the cyst can not puncture aspiration, effective antibiotics need 8 weeks or more time to control.

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