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What are the mistakes in the treatment of polycystic kidney

2017-08-31 16:45

Polycystic kidney disease, a lot of people are generally in adulthood appear symptoms, but many patients in infancy have been ill, but no obvious symptoms know, so timely detection and timely treatment is very important, but also the treatment of misunderstanding, so what are the mistakes in the treatment of polycystic kidney disease?

Many people think that polycystic kidney patients can not pregnant: kidney patients without hypertension and renal function damage, no amount of protein in the urine, the general can successfully gave birth to a healthy baby, and it will make the original kidney disease increased. We encourage such patients to have a family as soon as possible because their kidney function may decline over time and lose the best chance of pregnancy. For men with polycystic kidney disease, it does not affect pregnancy.

Surgical removal of the cyst will not recur: enlargement of the polycystic kidney cyst is the primary cause of polycystic kidney starting renal fibrosis. For this reason, many patients have been operated on to reduce the compression of the cyst to the renal parenchyma. But the result is often unsatisfactory, often large cysts shrink, and small cysts increase, began to oppress the kidney parenchyma, leading to the process of renal fibrosis can not be effectively controlled, resulting in progressive decline in renal function. In addition, the polycystic kidney cyst patients with hypertensive disease, most simply with antihypertensive treatment, late body tolerance to antihypertensive drugs, not to the same pressure, increased the burden on the kidneys.

After clinical treatment, there is no need for an examination: for patients with polycystic kidney disease, regular physical examinations should be included, including renal function tests. Usually every six months must do a urine routine, blood pressure testing, to prevent the patient's kidney unknowingly into the uremic phase. Remember, early treatment has the hope of clinical rehabilitation, when the polycystic kidney development to kidney failure, uremia treatment again, the difficulty is also increased, waste more money, time is difficult to exchange for the most valuable health.

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