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Found left kidney cysts how to do?

2017-06-23 17:55

Found how the left kidney cysts? Recently, some people often ask "left kidney cysts how to do" related issues, left kidney cysts for common diseases, is the left kidney cysts.

Generally small cysts (single or multiple) without treatment, can be regularly reviewed. When the cyst diameter of more than 5cm, can produce the following circumstances: ① squeeze the surrounding healthy tissue (liver, kidney), so that local fullness, pain and other symptoms; ② infection (bacteria ran into the cyst, causing inflammation ), Can increase the local symptoms, fever, blood white blood cells increased; ③ cysts spontaneous rupture. As the cyst is too large, the pressure inside the cyst, so that the wall broken, cyst fluid into the nearby tissue or cavity, may appear acute abdomen or severe low back pain. When the renal cyst diameter of more than 5CM when the need for surgical treatment.

Relatively large renal cysts, resulting in oppressive symptoms or have been significantly oppressive renal parenchyma, can be considered interventional therapy, that is, in the B-or CT positioning, with 21G fine needle percutaneous cyst, repeated injection and extraction of anhydrous alcohol, Live, the effect is very good, safe, almost no pain, the cost is very low.

Renal cysts clinically asymptomatic, and occasionally mild discomfort, cysts can oppress the adjacent organs caused by the corresponding symptoms, mainly for the side of the abdomen or back pain. Cyst rupture can occur hematuria, abdominal pain and abdominal mass, may be associated with elevated body temperature and general malaise. Can be combined with high blood pressure. Cysts are huge, waist and abdomen can appear mass. Simple renal cysts more than 50 years of age incidence of more than 50%, so the current as an old disease.

Renal cyst imaging examination mainly by urinary system B ultrasound, CT and MRI and other tests can be diagnosed. But need to be differentiated from the following diseases: 1, cystic kidney cancer 2, complex renal cysts (cyst hemorrhage and infection, calcification) 3, renal cysts combined with renal cell carcinoma 4, liver and kidney crypt liver cyst 5, hemorrhagic Renal cyst.

Left renal cysts conventional treatment methods are the following:

⑴ B-ultrasound or CT-guided renal capsule species interspersed, simple, easy to operate, less damage to patients, but the treatment effect is limited, high recurrence rate Moreover, hardening agent spill, can also cause complications. Currently not as a conventional treatment, suitable for elderly frail, do not want surgery or surgery contraindications to patients.

⑵ open surgery through the kidneys to the top decompression of renal cysts is the traditional treatment, it has the exact effect, the advantages of less complications. But the trauma, slow recovery. With the development and progress of laparoscopic technology, less and less open surgery, but for multiple renal cysts, combined with renal ureteral deformities, kidney tumors, stones in patients, it is still the preferred treatment, no laparoscopic equipment Of the grass-roots units, it is still a major treatment.

⑶ using laparoscopic retroperitoneal renal cysts to the top decompression, the current domestic has been widely carried out, it has a small trauma, quick recovery, the exact effect of treatment. Because not through the abdominal cavity, intestinal interference is small, it is worth promoting the surgical approach. Can be used as the preferred surgical method of renal cyst surgery.

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