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What are the diet notes of renal cysts?

2017-06-23 17:42

Renal cyst patients in daily life, in addition to regular treatment, the daily care and kidney cyst dietary considerations is very important, because the kidney cyst diet and care can directly affect the rehabilitation of patients with renal cysts. 

Kidney cysts diet Note: renal cyst patients during the disease can not eat spicy food, such as hot pepper, alcoholic beverages, coffee, chocolate, shrimp, fish, etc., in addition, should also ban health food, rot Of the leftovers, barbecue, salty, contaminated food intake.

Kidney cysts Note 2: water intake: simple renal cysts, due to decreased renal function, the body of metabolites need more water from the kidneys to discharge, so simple renal cyst patients without obvious edema , Heart failure, high blood pressure, should not blindly limit water.

Kidney cysts diet Note three: protein control: modern medicine that protein intake is too low or too much, no benefit to the kidneys. Especially after a large intake of protein, can produce too much metabolites, such as creatinine, guanidine, polyamines and some of the molecular substances are basically (protein) metabolites. Control of protein (low-protein diet when renal failure) to reduce the burden on the kidneys, reduce the production of uremic toxins, relieve the disease play an important role. 

Renal cysts diet Note 4: salt intake restrictions: control of salt, according to the patient's condition and renal function to adjust, but not all patients with chronic renal insufficiency should be strictly limited salt. 

Kidney cysts diet Note 5: renal cyst patients should eat some that is rich in nutrition and light food, and to eat some more fruit. Renal cysts eating habits on the body's impact is very important, kidney cyst diet can be directly or indirectly affect the patient's condition.

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