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What is the method of non-surgical treatment of renal cysts?

2017-06-23 17:39

Polycystic kidney is a kind of renal cyst, belonging to a congenital genetic disease. At present, the method of treatment of polycystic kidney disease is still very limited, completely cyst removal, disappearance is impossible, and cysts shrink, see what way, what treatment measures can reduce the cyst internal pressure, blocking the cyst The progress of kidney fibrosis caused by oppression is the only treatment option for you today. So what is the method of non-surgical treatment of renal cysts?

A large number of clinical practice, highlighting the micro-traditional Chinese medicine active substance treatment of polycystic kidney disease, kidney damage quick, efficient and long-term treatment effect, no surgery, no injections, do not take medicine, as long as the condition has not reached the late uremia , Will be easy to treat polycystic kidney, kidney cysts. Micro-traditional Chinese medicine infiltration treatment of renal cysts, polycystic kidney disease only observation, is the micro-traditional Chinese medicine infiltration before and after treatment with B-ultrasound examination of large cysts before and after the observation to see whether the cyst began to shrink. Micro-infiltration of traditional Chinese medicine can prevent the disease has not yet occurred in the polycystic kidney disease, renal cyst patients into the onset of the disease. Micro-traditional Chinese medicine infiltration therapy not only can quickly treat the incidence of renal function by the severe impact of congenital polycystic kidney disease, renal cysts. The same principle, micro-traditional Chinese medicine therapy can also promote the blood vessels on the wall expansion, to speed up the local blood circulation; rapid removal of the capsule fluid at the same time, inhibition of wall epithelial cells continue to secrete, reduce the formation of intracapsular fluid, only these two aspects The role of the capsule can be reduced fluid, lower intracapsular pressure, to promote cysts continue to shrink, reduce the oppression of the kidney. Therefore, micro-penetration of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, not only to treat polycystic kidney damage, but also to prevent cysts increased and no longer rapid increase, reduce damage to kidney tissue, delay the progress of the disease, or even progress.

Treatment of renal cyst complications:

 First, the cyst to the top decompression: This operation to reduce the cysts on the renal parenchymal oppression, to protect most of the remaining kidney units from compression and further damage, so that renal ischemic condition improved, part of the renal function unit to be restored , Delaying the development of the disease. The key to successful surgery is to perform surgery as early as possible, cyst decompression must be complete, do not give up small cysts and deep cysts decompression. Both sides should be surgery, the general interval of bilateral surgery for more than six months. Advanced cases such as renal damage has been in azotemia, uremia, regardless of whether the merger with high blood pressure, decompression treatment has been meaningless, surgical anti-aggravated disease.

Second, the treatment of hematuria: hematuria, in addition to the reasons for the clear as soon as possible to give treatment, should reduce the activities or bed rest. Has been dialysis or about to dialysis patients, such as repeated serious and uncontrollable hematuria, may consider the use of transcatheter renal artery embolization.

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