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What is the performance of polycystic kidney disease? What a

2017-06-06 11:06

Polycystic kidney believe that we are not very familiar with the disease is usually found in middle age, and the impact on the body is very large. But the disease itself is due to congenital development, after the onset of the disease, in addition to adjust their own mentality outside, diet and healthy lifestyle is its key. But there are many friends said: before the onset of the body seems to have no discomfort, but later it is too late to find. But is that really the case? We together to learn more about the symptoms of polycystic kidney disease, polycystic kidney how to maintain.

Symptoms of polycystic kidney disease

As the popularity of medical examination technology, the incidence of polycystic kidney disease has been further increased. According to the statistics, polycystic kidney disease has become the third leading cause of end stage renal disease, and the common symptoms of polycystic kidney disease are:

hypertension. Hypertension is one of the most common early manifestations of polycystic kidney disease, seen in 30% of children, 60% of patients with renal insufficiency, up to 80% of patients with ESRD. The level of blood pressure and the size of the kidneys, cysts is proportional to the number, and with increasing age rising. Hypertension is one of the risk factors for renal function deterioration.

Chronic renal failure. The main cause of death for polycystic kidney disease. The age of onset from 2-80 years old, more than 60 years old patients with polycystic kidney disease into the ESRD stage. Once the glomerular filtration rate is less than 50ml / min, the rate of decline is about 5.0-6.4ml / min per year, from the impaired renal development to ESRD time is about 10 years, which there is a large inpidual differences.

anemia. Not developed to polycystic kidney disease usually without anemia. Patients with persistent hematuria may have mild anemia. Another 5% of patients due to ischemic stimulation of renal interstitial hormone increased caused by erythrocytosis. When the course of progress to the ESRD stage, polycystic kidney disease than other causes of renal failure in patients with anemia late and mild.

Kidney is a relatively important organ for the human body, part of the urinary system, responsible for filtering any impurities in the blood, maintaining the balance of body fluids and electrolytes, so want to stay healthy, must start from the following aspects:

Control blood pressure

Polycystic kidney disease in the usual care must control the blood pressure, the emergence of high blood pressure will accelerate the damage of renal function, so that patients with polycystic kidney disease need to control the blood pressure to delay the deterioration of renal function, to prevent the other Of the complications, which is also crucial.

Prevent colds

Polycystic kidney disease patients, if accidentally suffering from a cold, especially repeated colds will make polycystic kidney disease in patients with kidney heavier, which played a worse effect of deterioration. These are polycystic kidney usually how to care should pay attention.

Avoid trauma

Polycystic kidney disease in patients with cysts continue to swollen, it will lead to cysts within the pressure constantly increased, at this time any slight trauma, are to increase the abdominal pressure or external injury directly to the swelling of the cyst Caused by the impact of a high internal pressure caused by the rupture of the cyst, bleeding and a series of serious cases, which is very easy to induce infection. This is also how to maintain the care of polycystic hair one of the items.

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