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Should renal cyst 3cm size be treated?

2017-05-13 17:53

Some people say that kidney cyst is smaller than 3CM is not necessary to treat, only regular check on it is ok, but is it true? Should renal cyst 3cm be treated?

Is it necessary to treat renal cysts smaller than 3CM?

Medical take great value on "symptomatic treatment", cysts smaller than 3CM, and has no symptoms, how to treat?So we have to wait for the cyst to grow a little bigger - and this is because the cyst is growing slowly.However, in our clinical practice, we often find some patients with acute renal failure caused by cyst rupture. It is because they follow the statement that the cyst is smaller than 3CM get no treatment, which leads to the rapid damage of renal function.

Although most cysts are very slow, it may with other certain conditions. Doctors say they do not have to be treated early, but they also urge their patients to have regular tests.Very few people can adhere to Regular examination, because patients feel "no pain, no itching", so have no self-discipline with diet and life style, resulting in cysts unknowingly increased rapidly, and eventually burst.


How should be kidney cyst treated?

In the treatment of renal cysts, the method of aspiration is usually used to reduce the size of the cyst. But it's easy to cause infection. Some time ago, we reported a female patient in Tanzania who had 14 punctures in 7 years, which caused infection and led to the removal of the right kidney.

In fact, the process of reducing the cyst is a process of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis. We have done a lot of clinical practice with Chinese medicine, and achieved satisfactory results.

The treatment of renal cyst with traditional Chinese medicine is to accelerate the absorption of the cyst fluid on the basis of the contraction of the cyst wall, which is not only much safer than the puncture, but also eliminates the limitation that it can not get treat when the size is smaller than 3CM.

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