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Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of renal cyst

2017-04-30 19:15

Is the treatment for renal cyst good? As we all know, the harm to the body of renal cyst, kidney cysts were also looking for the best treatment methods, the development of the society, medicine is constantly improved, so the method in the treatment of renal cysts is various, and the treatment of renal cyst is good? We have the following look at the experts to answer.

Surgical removal of the external part of the cyst wall and drainage. This treatment is suitable for patients with no effect after conservative treatment, and according to the patient's situation, to decide whether to take surgical treatment. It has the advantages of thorough treatment, but the damage is large, slow recovery and high cost.

Two, western medicine therapy: Western medicine treatment method is fast and effective, but with a certain side effects of injury, generally do not recommend patients, long-term use of Western medicine treatment.

Three, puncture therapy: puncture therapy from the skin into the cyst, aspiration fluid, temporary relief of pain. However, the disease is easy to relapse after the puncture, causing great damage to the patient. The advantages of renal puncture is simple treatment, not too painful and low cost, any part of the cyst in addition to renal cyst, can be treated, the drawback is easy to relapse.

Four, treatment of traditional Chinese medicine: Chinese medicine treatment methods are mostly focus on strengthening the solid, regulating qi and blood circulation, specimens. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods are more effective, but the effect is stable, less side effects, not relapse. Treatment of renal cysts is now dominated by traditional Chinese medicine. However, traditional Chinese medicine treatment of renal cysts can not be completely cured, you want to completely cure the kidney cyst treatment of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine therapy: CKD renal cell balance therapy".

The best treatment for renal cyst: "CKD renal cell balance therapy"

CKD renal cell balance therapy "to Chinese medicine" the overall concept of the balanced view and critical theory rule thought, combined with modern immunology theory, treatment of contributing to overall coordination of heart, liver and spleen, lung, kidney and blood gas environment of the five internal organs, immune balance, dredge the meridians, regulate qi. So that the body's immune balance in the environment to completely restore the activation of kidney function, to achieve the purpose of treatment.


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