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Renal cyst four diet taboo

2017-03-06 17:31

1, diet is not section

If hunger is nutritional deficiencies, satiety is easy to damage the spleen and stomach digestion and absorption function and blood circulation disorder, eiofsf is easy to produce heat


2, eating unclean

What are the food taboos of renal cysts, light causes gastrointestinal diseases, severe poisoning and even life-threatening.

3, the diet is partial to

Renal cyst what can not eat, such as eating cold cold, is easy to hurt the stomach Yang, eat hot drugs can cause gastrointestinal heat accumulation, have five kinds of preference, for a long time

Visceral injury.

4, diet stimulation

What are the food taboos of renal cysts, such as pepper, spicy, alcohol, smoking (including passive smoking), chocolate, coffee, fish, shrimp,Crab.


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