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What are the requirements of the renal cyst diet?

2017-03-01 11:31

Kidney disease experts pointed out that the renal cyst patients have varying degrees of damage, and the kidney and plays an important role in the human body, The new supersedes the old. for patients, so the diet is not like a normal person, to eat, to drink, will be subject to many restrictions, the diet of renal cyst what requirements.

1, strictly control the intake of oxalic acid and protein, but it must be timely and effective in patients of the lack of high fiber and methods of food, due to excessive diet beware cause malnutrition phenomenon.

2, for patients with renal cysts, the usual diet should be light based, strictly control the usual intake of sodium in life, to guard against adverse effects on their own.

There are more 3, Cereals, fresh Vegetable & Fruit vitamins in patients with renal cyst, to improve the immunity and resistance has a more significant role, other experts said that the grain has certain resistance, so it has auxiliary treatment effect to a certain extent.

4, although the appropriate drinking water can help row stone, but when the kidney appears mild failure phenomenon, patients should strictly control the intake of water, beware of lead to high blood pressure, heart failure and other adverse phenomena.

5, for patients with renal cyst, should try to avoid greasy, spicy food in the usual diet, perishable food and barbecue food as far away as possible, not only health, but also lead to the aggravation of the patient's condition.

After reading the contents of the experts for us, I believe we also know the requirements of renal cyst diet. For patients with renal cyst, as soon as possible to restore health, it needs to be in accordance with the above mentioned diseases the principle of diet, while at the same time of treatment, should also have confidence in the doctor's treatment, the possibility of such recovery will be bigger!


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