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Chinese medicine treatment of renal cysts is effective

2017-03-01 11:31

The Chinese medicine is the Chinese nation left an important asset, in the Chinese historical occasion, has been responsible for hundreds of millions of Chinese health responsibility, cure, no toxic side effect, is a traditional Chinese medicine effect and the effect of Western medicine can not be compared, that for patients with renal cyst, traditional Chinese Medicine is effective in treating renal cyst, heard the following expert answer.

To cure the disease and his medicine since ancient times so far, but later due to abnormal cyst growth increased by organisms, resulting in renal cells severely damaged, the cyst fluid for cyst and cannot be ruled out, but also to the capsule wall of cystic endocrine liquid, then substantial cyst gradually increased, cyst exerts pressure on Ya Zenggao, and the kidney. The renal tissue ischemia, renal death, renal fascia and fibrous membrane has the pressing force on the cyst, leading to kidney dysfunction.

Some people say that Chinese medicine treatment of renal cyst Fuzheng Guben renal cyst: early renal cyst had no obvious clinical symptoms, or waist discomfort, or in the family of patients with renal cyst, early partial kidney yang deficiency of kidney yang, deficiency of kidney yin and kidney partial. Some people say that Chinese medicine in the treatment of renal cyst: because the water Shiyu Ji Qi and activating blood in kidney, can lead to obstruction of Qi, qi stagnation and blood stasis, blood stasis with water, so the Chinese medicine treatment of renal cyst should pay attention to regulating qi and activating blood circulation. There are hematuria who heat hemostasis; waist stasis block obvious, blood circulation and blood stasis; abdominal pain, fever, detoxification, blood circulation. Some people said that both specimens of renal cyst: Chinese medicine treatment of renal cyst development to late renal pision Zhuodu, and within the stop off the grid so severe, dampness should be dampness Huazhuo; gas, water gas line should be.

Traditional Chinese medicine on the treatment of renal cysts is effective, we introduce here, I do not know the contents of the above have a clear understanding. If you suffer from renal cysts, we must actively take measures to treat, no matter what kind of treatment, the scientific choice of their own condition is very important, and finally I wish you good health.

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