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What are the methods of prevention of renal cysts in life?

2017-03-01 11:27

If you want to prevent your life suffering from renal cyst, which requires friends must pay attention to develop good habits, to develop good work and rest rules, the other is the correct diet, do these can reduce the probability of their suffering from renal cyst, the following main introduce the life of renal cyst the prevention methods are what?

What is kidney cyst?

Renal cysts are the most common structural abnormalities in adult kidney, can be unilateral or bilateral, one or more, the diameter of about 2cm, also has a diameter of 10cm cysts, mostly in men. With the increase of age, the incidence of simple renal cyst is more and more high, generally do not have symptoms, only when the cyst compression caused by vascular occlusion or urinary tract obstruction can occur when the corresponding performance may have an impact on renal function. When the cyst is more than 5cm, should make the appropriate treatment, including cystic fluid aspiration and intracapsular injection sclerotherapy or surgical treatment.

Prevention of renal cyst

1, develop the right eating habits. We know that dietary factors is a cause of the renal cyst, so to prevent kidney cyst, should develop a correct eating habits start, not a partial eclipse, eat a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, not too full or too hungry.

2, do more exercise. Do more exercise can not only improve our body's resistance to help fight against a variety of viruses, but also a good expression of our emotions.

3, to develop good rules of rest. Is also a common cause of overwork disorders of renal cysts, so friends should pay attention to develop good work and rest rules, make the work of.

4, keep clean. Toxins and infections can make us suffer from kidney cysts, and keeping clean is the most important way to avoid toxins or infections.

In short, the introduce is the life you have methods to prevent this disease after renal cyst, in the hope that we understand the specific prevention methods, in accordance with these methods of prevention, effective prevention of this disease, also if suffering from it, but also to the correct treatment, to medical treatment actively the.


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