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What are the common treatment of renal cysts?

2017-03-01 11:24

For small renal cysts

The treatment of kidney disease, on small renal cysts, no symptoms do not need to do any treatment, but to regularly review, to observe whether the cyst continues to increase. Asymptomatic patients should be routinely checked for urine, including urine routine, urine culture, and every six months to 1 years for a renal function examination, including endogenous creatinine eradication rate. Because the infection is an important reason for the deterioration of the disease, it is not necessary, do not conduct urinary tract traumatic prosecution.

Two, surgical removal of cysts

The treatment of renal cysts, renal cyst puncture is not easy, not only easy to infection, easy to relapse, and can not delay the occurrence of renal damage by observation. Renal cyst surgical excision of the cyst is not an easy thing, because the surface of the renal cysts can be cut off, but to cut off buried deep in the renal cyst is difficult. Large and malignant tumor, can operation, if confirmed to be benign cyst, the renal cyst resection surface, edge catgut and renal parenchyma continuous suture, the residual cyst wall coated with iodine tincture. One side of the renal parenchyma widely destroyed, contralateral normal renal function, feasible nephrectomy. If it is bilateral polycystic kidney transplantation is needed for a healthy kidney, then cut two polycystic kidney.

In recent years, more and more patients with kidney disease, renal disease caused by glomerular filtration membrane, causing the occurrence of this disease. Most of the children and adult 2/3 disease is primary, including primary glomerulonephritis, chronic glomerulonephritis and acute nephritis. Kidney disease is not a significant effect, and found that it should promptly cooperate with the doctor, in order to prevent the deterioration of the disease.

After reading the introduction above, we should understand the treatment of renal cysts. Those who think that the renal cyst is not serious patients must pay attention to the kidney is an important organ, a lot of metabolic waste is through kidney decomposition, we should not ignore the kidney disease, or it will bring great harm to you.


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