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Knowledge of drug treatment of renal cysts

2017-03-01 11:22

In fact, treatment of renal cyst knowledge of this disease is also a lot, but for renal cyst is in many cases if we want to relieve the pain of the disease, requires good care and treatment in a timely manner, to make the following about renal cyst associated knowledge, its main purpose is to alleviate the renal cyst the pain of patients.

Simple renal cyst often occurs in the adult period, there is no clinical symptoms, does not affect renal function, and occasionally because of hematuria and see a doctor. The vast majority of patients were accidentally discovered by B or CT. Urine examination is normal, hematuria is rare. However, renal cysts can cause abdominal pain and abdominal mass, hypertension, such as cysts broken into the renal pelvis renal system, there may be hematuria. Cysts can also lead to symptoms of renal pelvis and renal obstruction.

Simple renal cyst of kidney cyst usually few, cystic small, normal renal function, usually without treatment, regular review of B ultrasound is necessary. In the case of pyelonephritis should think of cyst infection may be common quinolones such as ofloxacin (ofloxacin) 0.3 ~ 0.4g, 2 /d, or sulfamethoxazole / trimethoprim (SMZ-TMP) 1.0g, 2 /d, shared 10 ~ 14 days for 1 courses. Renal pain can use of anti-inflammatory analgesics. If the cyst is located in the renal portal pressure renal artery or cause renal obstruction, and high blood pressure and cyst (diameter <5cm) and symptoms of patients with puncture aspiration of cyst fluid, in order to eliminate hypertension and obstruction. After each puncture drainage, should be based on the size of the injection of 2 to 5ml ethanol, in order to reduce the size of the capsule. The need for multiple puncture and injection of anhydrous alcohol, in order to make the capsule tends to be closed, the patient often in the suction cyst fluid decompression or cyst excision after the blood pressure is decreased. Curative effect is not necessary to take surgical treatment.

Renal cyst of the disease if using drug therapy to reach a certain effect, requires the use of surgical treatment in time, but it is also a need for renal cyst with multi angle nursing, of course is also very important for the patients with renal cyst disease knowledge processing, which can reduce the pain of renal cyst.


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