• What kind of kidney cysts are inherited?

    2017-10-29 17:13:05

    First kidney cyst is part of the urine in the local renal tubular retention time is too long to form, pided into simple renal cysts, acquired renal cysts and polycystic kidney disease. Simple renal cysts: This type of renal cysts are benign, there are sin...


  • Renal cyst careful secondary infection, how does renal cyst daily care do?

    2017-10-19 17:23:56

    Cystic diseases of the kidney include a group of single or multiple cystic diseases that occur in different parts of the kidney. Most of them are congenital, and can be unilateral or bilateral. More common in 35-45 years old. In patients with renal cyst j...


  • Treatment of renal cyst before infection and after infection

    2017-10-19 17:21:26

    Because most of the renal cysts are small, asymptomatic, do not affect the renal function, and the natural change is slow or no change, so generally no treatment, but should be reviewed every six months to one year. For cysts larger than 4 cm in diameter,...


  • Tongshantang hospital: renal cyst diet

    2017-09-11 15:37:27

    Solitary renal cysts, congenital polycystic kidney disease and congenital multiple renal cysts are the classification of renal cysts. Patients with renal cysts usually do not feel any symptoms, with the popularization of B ultrasound technology, through t...


  • What are the periods in which polycystic kidney disease can be divided?

    2017-08-31 17:02:04

    Polycystic kidney disease is a more delay more serious disease, if you do not want to delay the time of treatment, we must know about renal cyst period, so it can be found that in the first time of illness, not to have the chance of disease development. S...


  • What are the mistakes in the treatment of polycystic kidney disease?

    2017-08-31 16:45:14

    Polycystic kidney disease, a lot of people are generally in adulthood appear symptoms, but many patients in infancy have been ill, but no obvious symptoms know, so timely detection and timely treatment is very important, but also the treatment of misunder...


  • Guidelines of patients with kidney cyst diet

    2017-08-14 19:33:58

    Clinically, kidney cyst is a chronic hereditary nephrotic disease,which is difficult to treat and has a relatively slow onset. Kidney cyst patients in daily life need to protect their kidneys, do B ultrasound examination regularly. Petients also need ...

    Tags:kidney cyst diet

  • Shrink Kidney Size 14.6cm in PKD With Natural Treatment

    2017-06-27 10:06:31

    PKD will cause numerous cysts grow in kidneys, and cysts with fluids will get enlarged. Once cysts get enlarged, will cause enlargement to kidneys. What treatment can help shrink kidney size 14.6cm caused by PKD? There is a possibility that you suffer for...

    Tags:PKD With Natural Treatment

  • What are the main symptoms of renal cysts?

    2017-06-23 18:08:18

    Renal cyst is a more common kind of disease, will cause serious harm to the health of patients, Beijing Tong Shantang Chinese medicine hospital kidney disease experts said: the vast majority of right kidney cysts and no symptoms. Here we take a look at th...

    Tags:renal cysts

  • Renal cysts in the diet to pay attention to what?

    2017-06-23 18:06:55

    Good eating habits, the treatment of the disease is very helpful, then the kidney cysts in the diet to pay attention to what? I believe this is the most concerned about the following we have to look at the specific introduction of the experts. Renal cysts...

    Tags:Renal cysts diet

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