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Nephrotic syndrome edema three reasons

2017-12-29 17:15

Early nephrotic syndrome may be early morning eyelid edema, or only appear lower extremity edema. Serum albumin reduced to a certain extent, edema will gradually increase, and even facial facial edema, severe pitting lower edema, scalp edema, back edema, scrotum edema.

Nephrotic syndrome edema three reasons

When the body height edema, the gastrointestinal tract will edema, there will be anorexia, abdominal distension; the skin will blister, the injection site after injection will flow. In severe cases there will be reduced urine output, weight gain, and even pleural effusion, ascites, bloating, chest tightness, acute kidney injury.

Edema phenomenon is a common manifestation of nephrotic syndrome, the main difference is that patients with edema can be light and heavy, light no obvious edema, weight gain or just eyelid edema, heavy cases can occur Obvious edema, and even pleural cavity have effusion. Because patients with nephrotic syndrome due to kidney problems, resulting in some of the body's metabolic waste can not be properly discharged, thus causing the patient's body edema.

In addition, the patient's liver and kidneys are also damaged at the same time as one of the causes of edema. When the kidney disease is very serious, hepatic damage often occurs.

Kidney disease can cause glomerular and tubular dysfunction, then the rate of glomerular water and sodium decreased, but the renal tubular reabsorption of water and sodium will not be a corresponding decline, it will lead to the body The water and sodium retention, causing edema.

Lead to some patients with nephrotic syndrome metabolic waste can not be discharged to the body, thus causing nephrotic syndrome in patients with edema problems.

Loss of liver and kidney: kidney disease, especially when serious kidney disease, often secondary to liver damage, medically referred to as "hepatorenal syndrome." Liver damage is one of the causes of edema.

Kidney disease caused by glomerular and tubular dysfunction: glomerular filtration of water and sodium decreased, but the renal tubular reabsorption of water and sodium did not correspondingly decreased, resulting in water and sodium retention caused Edema.

Complications cause nephrotic syndrome edema: renal disease due to renal erythropoietin decreased, causing anemia, anemia caused by renal ischemia, renin increased renal ischemia caused by elevated blood pressure. Anemia, hypertension combined with nephropathy when the body metabolites retention and decreased immunity, then secondary to cardiac insufficiency.

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