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How does nephrotic syndrome patients exercise?

2017-11-29 17:45

Patients with nephrotic syndrome should be mainly in bed rest. Lying in bed can increase renal blood flow, is conducive to diuresis, and reduce exposure to the outside, in order to prevent cross infection. But the long-term bedridden patients with nephrotic syndrome or little activity will increase the microcirculation, weakened immune function, the body is weak, detrimental to the overall recovery, so when after remission of nephrotic syndrome may increase the activity gradually, it is helpful to reduce complications, reduce blood fat, improve microcirculation, increase body resistance.

How does nephrotic syndrome patients exercise?

Exercise place should choose fresh air, avoid dirty air, many people in public occasions. Strong wind, rain and cold winter indoor and outdoor temperature difference is big, habitual morning exercise patients should choose indoor activities. Avoid cold, rain and sweat after blowing.

Exercise time should be chosen in the morning and evening, at noon or when the sun strong exercise.

Physical exercise should be carried out step by step and gradually developed. Just start exercising when it is advisable to do a short time, breathing exercises and gymnastics stretch and do some simple exercises, such as the body is further improved can practicing Tai Chi, hold on light (1 ~ 2.5kg), doing aerobics, jogging or walking to the appropriate long time, and moderate intensity badminton or table tennis activities etc..

Select the appropriate amount of exercise. The amount of exercise varies from person to person. Exercise, calculate heart rate and time, heart rate should be controlled at 110 times per minute, a movement time should be controlled in 20-30 minutes. Exercise is appropriate, you can also judge according to self perception, urine test, etc.. If you feel good after exercise, fatigue will disappear within a few hours; urine test protein and red blood cells only slightly increase or remain the same, which shows that the exercise effect is good, can continue, otherwise it is necessary to reduce the amount of exercise.

Proper exercise arrangement. Practice once a day. Each exercise includes warming up, training, and organizing activities. Preparation activities: about 5~10 minutes, can do broadcast gymnastics or can exercise the body several exercises. Training activities: there are two ways, one is continuous training, such as jogging activities for example, when heart rate reached 105 ~ 110 times / min, lasting for 10 to 15 minutes.

Nephrotic syndrome patients do not participate in long-distance running or intense sports competitions, so as to avoid excessive exercise recurrence of kidney disease. Although swimming is a good summer sports, but because of swimming need to consume a lot of physical strength, as well as the swimming field hygiene can not be guaranteed, nephrotic syndrome patients should not swim.


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