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Is swollen lymph nodes a nephrotic syndrome?

2017-10-01 10:17

People with nephrotic syndrome often have symptoms of a typical kidney disease, such as proteinuria, systemic edema, hyperlipidemia, and other symptoms. Nephrotic syndrome is often not a single disease, it is associated with many diseases, so there are other diseases in our body that can lead to a nephrotic syndrome. Is swelling of the lymph nodes a nephrotic syndrome?

Is swollen lymph nodes a nephrotic syndrome?

First of all we want to make clear the main reason lymph node enlargement fever is that, the cause of this disease is usually due to inflammation in the body, and then infected with lymph, can cause lymph fever, can not be said that classic lymph node swelling is a nephrotic syndrome.

Everything is connected, so go to the hospital to see what is happening, and then right, medicine, modern medicine is well developed to treat nephrotic syndrome is not a big problem, mainly drug treatment, commonly used to supplement the adequate amount of protein and diuretic.

Nephrotic syndrome can also be combined with the combination of China and Western medicine.For nephrotic syndrome this type of disease, Western medicine can control disease, but if combined with traditional Chinese medicine treatment, it also has very good effect. But be sure to go to the normal hospital to listen to the doctors, do not take on your own.

After illness, although many diseases are related, but we also have to check out the cause of the disease, we must go to the hospital to make a check, under the doctor's direction to take treatment medication.

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