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Does the consequence of nephrosis Syndrome really matter?

2017-09-29 14:07

Nephrotic syndrome is one of the types of nephrotic syndrome, and many people are referred to with nephrotic syndrome. Most people have a fear of not being able to recover, resulting in psychological pressure because nephrotic syndrome thinking can think of uremia, in fact, the two can not be confused.

Experts point out that the disease is more complex, and it is difficult to cure, there will be a recurrence of the phenomenon, if the timely treatment of the disease to become uremia, but not all will be converted to the uremia, while early detection of treatment, will not appear above. Nephrotic syndrome is a general term for a large class of kidney disease with proteinuria in red blood cell urine and baseline performance may be accompanied by edema (and oliguria , hypertension, nitrogen, and so on. Pathological changes in the renal tissue of the disease are characterized primarily by inflammation (infiltration, exudation, hyperplasia). Clinically, the disease is pided into acute and chronic.

The severe problem of nephrotic syndrome is to start from the category of the disease, the disease is acute and chronic, acute nephrotic syndrome is an acute onset, hematuria, proteinuria, hypertension, edema, filtration rate glomerular is a major clinical manifestation of which hematuria is necessary. Most patients have a history of acute hemolytic strep infection prior to the onset of this disease, such as tonsillitis, acute pharyngitis, scarlet fever, sinusitis, otitis media, impetigo, etc. The disease is a relatively vague concept of clinical.Clinically, proteinuria, hematuria, edema, hypertension and other persistent symptoms, more than 1 year or with renal failure, belongs to the field of the disease. This disease is a chronic intractable disease, Western medicine the effect of treatment is often insufficient, Chinese traditional medicine for disease to improve the symptoms of many symptoms, especially to prevent deterioration of kidney function and impairment plays an important role.

In the nephrotic syndrome of the chronic period is more severe, treatment should be timely treatment, to avoid serious consequences, the disease may develop to uremia, the time may be short.And the treatment does not can blindly focus on symptoms, but must be bidirectional regulation of immune function to inhibit disease recurrence; strong body detoxification, stimulate potential self - healing; activation of renal function is the main activity.

Does the consequence of nephrosis Syndrome really matter

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