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The cause of edema in children with nephrotic syndrome

2017-09-28 17:03

Children with nephrotic syndrome and their families should know the nephrotic syndrome will appear edema and other symptoms, nephrotic syndrome in children because there is a high degree of edema, presumably this is a lot of parents want to understand the problem!

Causes of high-grade edema in children with nephrotic syndrome:

Plasma osmotic colloid pressure is reduced: the exchange of internal and external body fluids is regulated by the osmotic pressure on both sides of the blood vessel. The osmotic pressure includes crystal osmotic pressure and colloid osmotic pressure, the former of material crystal (mainly electrolyte) because it can pass freely through the capillary wall, so it has little effect on the interior and exterior of humoral change. The latter is mainly protein (mainly albumin) because it can not pass freely through the capillary wall, and therefore is the main factor of change of internal and external fluids. When the nephrotic syndrome, due to the loss of a large amount of plasma protein in the urine, causing low colloidal osmotic pressure, plasma is reduced, when reduced from 3 to 4 kPa 0.8 ~ 1 kPa, water in the blood vessel moves to the high tissue fluid permeability and edema occurs .

Reduces effective blood volume: changing plasma moisture to reduce effective blood volume, resulting in the following changes in the body: through the ability of the receptor to increase resistance to the hormone (ADH), so which renal tubular absorption, weight gain. Secondary aldosterone is produced by the stimulation of the renin - angiotensin - aldosterone system, which increases the absorption of sodium in the renal tubules. They inhibit sodium production Leigh, reduce renal sodium excretion . So the body of water, sodium retention, aggravating the edema.

This is the cause of the high degree of edema in children with nephrotic syndrome, through the brief introduction of this article, I think everyone knows! For the reason, we should do the appropriate treatment, for children with nephrotic syndrome , we must do early detection and early treatment, do not affect the development of the disease.I hope the content can help you.

The cause of edema in children with nephrotic syndrome

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