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Diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome in children with traditional

2017-09-16 14:15

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that nephrotic syndrome in children belongs to the category of Yin.La disease is a common pediatric urinary system disease, long illness, more complications, easy to relapse. Traditional Chinese medicine to the disease is diagnosed usually by classification, its manifestations are: Feng Shui, moisture - type heat and type of blood stasis. For details of the diagnostic methods, see the following:

Feng Shui - Type: the trap is caused by the wind, especially the wind - the wind is more than the cold wind, also has the beginning with the cold wind, and then the heat. This type of facial edema usually swiftly spread to the entire body, acid heavy limbs, negative urine, whether found in urine protein or with different degrees of red blood cells. And it has fever, bad wind, headache, pain throat, cough, nasal obstruction and so on.

Moisture - heat: due to the invasion of moisture and heat, the disease is acute, with swollen body, bright, thoracoabdominal and well covered skin color, irritated Hot thirst, urine or stool stool, cuts skin, sores and boil, urine test has a lot of protein and red blood cells, red tongue yellow skin or greasy, slippery pulse. This type is often seen in the use of corticosteroids after secondary nephrotic syndrome infection and Cushing's disease.

Type: more of the stasis edema day, caused by gas and blood.Clinically can satisfy the flotation, the skin of an error, or now, or back pain, red urine, urine test, polymorphic red blood cells and proteins, tongue or pale red, tongue margin have Stasis, the sublingual tendon is Yu, fine yellow or greasy coat, astringent pulse or generation. Only there is a persistent edema, long-lasting treatment, other obvious lack of blood stasis.

That is the diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome in traditional Chinese medicine, in general, Chinese medicine in the treatment of kidney disease is very effective, it is generally recommended that you choose the diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

Diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome in children with traditional Chinese medicine

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