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What are the steps to prevent uremia?

2017-09-09 16:14

Uremia is a symptom of systemic poisoning caused by impaired renal function, resulting in the production of metabolites and certain toxic substances that cannot be excreted. Serious case can cause death. So, how to prevent uremia has become the concern of everyone, what are the steps to prevent uremia?

Prevention of uremia 1: Kidney disease turn into uremia

Nephropathy can easily lead to uremia, so patients with nephropathy should be treated in time to actively use antibiotics. Uremia caused by chronic kidney disease has decreased. For patients with renal failure, the prevention of uremia, we must actively treat the deterioration of chronic renal failure factors, delay the development of renal failure.

Prevention of uremia 2: urinary tract infection should be treated in time

Urinary tract infection such as improper treatment, can cause retrograde infection of bacteria, and then damage the kidney unit, affecting the progressive decline of renal function, leading to uremia. It should be noted that drinking carbonated drinks is also one of the causes of uremia.

Prevention of uremia 3: pay attention to living environment, to maintain good habits.

Avoid the use and environment of cadmium, chloroform, ethylene and tetrachlorethylene supplies. These substances are generally present in automobile exhaust, coatings, buildings, household cleaners and pesticides. And pay attention to more rest, avoid staying up late, do not be too tired.

What are the steps to prevent uremia? The above is a detailed introduction, we hope to help. If you have questions about the prevention of uremia, you can visit other pages of this website, you can also consult our online doctor, or leave us a message, we will contact you as soon as possible.


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