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What are the typical symptoms of senile nephrotic syndrome?

2017-09-07 16:17
What are the typical symptoms of senile nephrotic syndrome? Elderly nephrotic syndrome often after infection (tonsillitis or general upper respiratory tract infection) or catching a cold, overworked and onset, onset can be acute or chronic, and sometimes attack occultly. There are many causes of senile nephrotic syndrome, different causes of nephrotic syndrome, the symptoms are different. The following is the typical symptoms of senile nephrotic syndrome, for your reference only.
Edema: early more common in ankle, awake in the morning eyelid, facial edema, with the development of disease course, edema can spread throughout the body and appear in the chest, abdomen and scrotum fluid, or even pericardial effusion, elderly patients with serious edema can cause heart failure.
A large number of proteinuria: urinary protein> 3.5g / 24h, severe cases of more than ten grams, was selective or non-selective proteinuria.
Hypoproteinemia: plasma total protein decreased, mainly plasma albumin decreased, mostly in 10 ~ 30g / L (1 ~ 3g / dl), occasionally reduced to 5.8g / L (0.58g / dl);
Hyperlipidemia: Most patients with blood cholesterol, phospholipids and triglyceride can be increased; a large number of proteinuria and hypoproteinemia is a necessary condition for diagnosis.
What are the typical symptoms of senile nephrotic syndrome? The above is a detailed introduction, we hope to help. Because of the aging changes of the elderly kidney, and other systemic diseases can cover up some of the performance of nephrotic syndrome, it becomes atypical, it is difficult to make accurate diagnosis. And the elderly nephrotic syndrome is more often secondary than primary, so in order to clear the cause of nephrotic syndrome and determine the appropriate treatment, renal biopsy is required, and sometimes must be combined with clinical data for analysis.

What are the typical symptoms of senile nephrotic syndrome

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