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Dietary considerations in patients with nephrotic syndrome

2017-09-01 17:50

Nephrotic syndrome has seriously affected the health of patients, the disease susceptible population are many, especially children, after suffering from this disease, should pay attention to the scientific treatment, and pay attention to diet, so how does patients with nephrotic syndrome diet? Here is the Institute of Chinese kidney disease experts to introduce you about the nephrotic syndrome diet notes.

Nephrotic syndrome should be light diet is appropriate: nephrotic syndrome patients during large doses of hormone treatment or nephrotic syndrome edema, should be given a low salt diet.

Nephrotic syndrome should pay attention to protein intake, dietary balance: Patients with nephrotic syndrome often occur negative nitrogen balance, such as eating high protein diet. It may turn to positive nitrogen balance. If there is enough calories and protein in patients with nephrotic syndrome in patients with nephrotic syndrome in the diet, high protein intake will lead to increased proteinuria, glomerular damage severity. Therefore, protein intake should be based on the needs of the body to maintain intake, and to high-quality protein based, such as fish, meat, milk, eggs and so on.

Nephrotic syndrome diet should be taboo: should limit the irritant food for the kidney, such as pepper, mustard and so on; should use high calorie foods rich in vitamin A, C food (sugar free food); for serious edema and oliguria in nephrotic syndrome patients, should be appropriate to limit water intake.

The above is about the introduction of nephrotic syndrome patients diet, patients with different treatment methods are not the same, but the severity of the disease is not the same, so in the diet also need to be careful, can consult your physician, or contact our online expert, our experts according to the severity of the patients, and give an accurate reply.

Dietary considerations in patients with nephrotic syndrome

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