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Nursing knowledge of pediatric nephrotic syndrome

2017-08-30 16:54

Children will be nephrotic syndrome, when the parents must pay attention not only will affect the healthy growth of patients, but also to the patient's psychological pressure, so patients should strengthen the treatment of pediatric nephrotic syndrome and treatment, the following we To a detailed introduction under the pediatric nephrotic syndrome, nursing care, hope to help the patient friends.

1, medication

Children in the medication, should pay more attention to the general children in the medication, it is not regular, which requires parents friends, to check the child's medication every day. As children generally have to take diuretic hormone drugs, children with increased urine output, teachers need special attention, classes or activities to remind children to the toilet in time to avoid unnecessary pain to the children.

2. diet

For children with nephrotic syndrome, in the diet, it should be more attention, try not to eat too much protein, such as fish, lean meat, poultry, soy products. But also should limit the intake of salt, the daily general does not exceed 2 grams. If the kindergarten lack of conditions for children to prepare this special diet, parents can bring their own, when the meal hot one hot, so that children eat enough to eat.

3, activities

For patients, should see a lot of activities, which can increase the immunity of children, to prevent infection has a very important role, but should strictly limit the amount of child activity.

4, clothing and sleep

Parents and friends should pay more attention to the weather changes in time to the children to increase or decrease clothes, pay attention to warm. Nap should give more care to ensure that children with adequate sleep.

The above describes the care of children with nephrotic syndrome, for parents and friends, in daily life, should strengthen the supervision of children, so that the treatment of pediatric nephrotic syndrome has a very important role.

Nursing knowledge of pediatric nephrotic syndrome

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