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Pediatric nephrotic syndrome Complications: thrombosis, coronary heart disease, electrolyte and metabolic disorders

2017-08-27 16:27
Pediatric nephrotic syndrome is a common type of kidney disease, bring a lot of pain to children. If you have nephrotic syndrome and without timely treatment, then, it will lead to a lot of complications, such as thrombosis, coronary heart disease, electrolyte and metabolic disorders. The following is a detailed description.
Pediatric nephrotic syndrome Complications: thrombosis
Pediatric nephrotic syndrome in patients prone to thrombosis, especially the incidence of membranous nephropathy is up to 25% to 40%. The reasons for the formation of thrombosis include edema, little activities of patients, venous stasis, high blood lipids, blood concentration make the viscosity increase, fibrinogen content is too high and the use of adrenal cortex hormones and blood prone to hypercoagulable state and so on.
Complications of pediatric nephrotic syndrome: coronary heart disease
Pediatric nephrotic syndrome patients often have hyperlipidemia and hypercoagulable state of blood, so prone to coronary heart disease. It has been reported that patients with nephrotic syndrome have a 8-fold higher incidence of myocardial infarction than normal. Coronary heart disease has become the third factor in the cause of death of nephrotic syndrome (second only to infection and renal failure).
Complications of pediatric nephrotic syndrome: electrolyte and metabolic disorders
Repeated use of diuretics or long-term unreasonable ban salt, can make children with nephrotic syndrome secondary to hyponatremia; the use of adrenal cortex hormones and a large number of diuretics lead to a large number of urination, if without timely potassium supplement, prone to hypokalemia disease.
The above is the introduction of complications of pediatric nephrotic syndrome, through the above introduction, we hope parents have learned more about nephrotic syndrome, have early detection and early treatment, try to avoid the occurrence of these complications and cause harm to children.

Pediatric nephrotic syndrome Complications

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