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Is nephrotic syndrome fatal?

2017-08-15 11:52
Is nephrotic syndrome fatal? In general, nephrotic syndrome is not fatal, but if the treatment is not appropriate, the condition is very easy to attack, may deteriorate to uremia, and the patient's life will be threatened.
Is nephrotic syndrome fatal? As long as take active treatment, early detection, in general, nephrotic syndrome is not fatal. So, how to treat nephrotic syndrome?
Is nephrotic syndrome fatal? To nephrotic syndrome is not fatal, we must take active treatment. Treatment of nephrotic syndrome should be related to the complications of nephrotic syndrome such as edema, dyslipidemia and other symptoms. Nephrotic syndrome treatment generally use hormone therapy, hormone drugs to relieve urine protein leakage in patients with nephrotic syndrome in the short term, reduce the large number of proteinuria and the emergence of low protein blood and other problem. At the same time, use diuretic to alleviate the patient's body swollen symptoms.
Is nephrotic syndrome fatal? If you don’t want nephrotic syndrome is not fatal, we must actively symptomatic treatment. Nephrotic syndrome taking drugs, should pay attention to avoid the use of nephrotoxic drugs. To minimize the side effects of drugs, and make synergy between drugs which is more conducive to the treatment of the disease. Etiological treatment was performed at the same time as symptomatic treatment, so as to consolidate the disease, protect renal function.
Is nephrotic syndrome fatal? In general, nephrotic syndrome is not fatal, as long as find effective treatment, and actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment, to avoid the development of renal failure or uremia, nephrotic syndrome is generally not fatal.

Is nephrotic syndrome fatal

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