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Can nephrotic syndrome cause aciesis?

2017-08-14 19:52

Can nephrotic syndrome cause aciesis? The treatment of nephrotic syndrome in general clinical use of immunosuppressant and cytotoxic drugs, these drugs are mainly anti-inflammatory anti-immune, but the toxic side effects of these drugs is relatively large, immunosuppressant has a certain impact on sexual function, long-term use of large doses of prednisone and other corticosteroids will aggravate the degree of sexual dysfunction, almost all of the immunosuppressant can make testicular atrophy, ovarian damage, resulting in spermatogenic function decreased or disappeared, loss of sexual desire, impotence, amenorrhea, so some patients who have not yet married or procreated generally do not recommend long-term high-dose immunosuppressant such as hormones, will affect fertility, in fact, these side effects can be avoided, you can use some immunosuppressant with low toxicity side effects, not only can effectively control the disease, but also has few side effects, of course, also need to consolidate the end stage treatment and diet in daily life with each other in order to achieve the purpose of no relapse.

Can nephrotic syndrome leading to aciesis? During pregnancy to supply fetal growth needs, the physiological burden of the kidney is bound to increase, this will lead to renal ischemia, renal pathology to promote pathological changes, which is not conducive to the recovery of renal function. If the patient has the representation of renal insufficiency, late pregnancy is prone to have uremia and aggravate the condition. In addition, patients with edema, albuminuria, high blood pressure before or in the early stage of pregnancy, there are more opportunities to be complicated by preeclampsia or eclampsia in end stage pregnancy. And the symptoms are serious, the incidence of stillbirth is also high.

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