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What are the common causes of refractory nephrotic syndrome?

2017-07-15 17:18
Refractory nephrotic syndrome refers to neonatal syndrome that has not been alleviated for more than 8 to 12 weeks after adequate hormone therapy. Refractory nephrotic syndrome for a long time use will cause harm to the human body, and even life-threatening. So, what are the common causes of refractory nephrotic syndrome?
For the misdiagnosis of some diseases, and the use of hormone therapy, so that lead to a worsen condition resulting in refractory nephrotic syndrome.
In addition, the hormone is the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, the main drug for the use of hormones, should be "adequate, slow down, appropriate to maintain." The initial amount of help to ease the disease, slow down and the appropriate maintenance of medication can prevent disease repeated. And if the treatment is not standardized, for the use of hormones and reductions are not properly selected, then it will lead to recurrent nephrotic syndrome, and thus the patient's body caused serious damage.
We all know that the use of hormones will cause some damage to the human body and kidneys. And nephrotic syndrome will have a lot of complications, if the hormone will be used and some of the complications of drugs, resulting in some effect, thus affecting the treatment effect. Therefore, when using hormones, we must consider whether the patients also use other drugs, and these drugs will not have a certain role with the hormone, thus affecting the effect of hormones, affecting the treatment of the disease.
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What are the common causes of refractory nephrotic syndrome

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