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Nephrotic syndrome patients how to do a cold?

2017-06-09 17:06

Cold who have had, for our healthy people is not a serious illness, if the nephrotic syndrome patients had a cold may no longer be a small matter, and cold may aggravate the patient's condition caused by disease recurrence, then nephrotic syndrome What is the patient's cold?

Nephrotic syndrome patients have a special treatment to cold, because the cold is to hematuria, urinary protein repeated the important incentive, while the cold body of immune cells will swallow the invasion of bacteria and viruses in the body, so that the formation of an antibody, leading to the virus Bacteria die, play a role in the eradication of bacteria, so that the human body is protected from the impact of these common viruses.

However, the nephrotic syndrome patients had more physical than normal, then the nephrotic syndrome patients how to do cold? Because of the immune function of the reasons, when the body invades, the immune cells not only can not achieve the role of phagocytic bacteria, and Will contain the bacteria together, the synthesis of an immune complex, it will be with the blood circulation to reach the kidney, damage the kidneys so that a large number of protein loss, eventually leading to recurrence or aggravation of nephrotic syndrome.

In order to avoid exacerbations after the cold, in the treatment should pay attention to protect the kidneys, kidney damaged cells to repair, from the fundamental treatment of nephrotic syndrome, enhance the body's immunity.

Read the above article you have a nephrotic syndrome patients should be treated how to have a new view of it, not only after the cold treatment to the usual care to be taken seriously, follow the doctor's guidance, follow the doctor's advice, can not blindly medication The.

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