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The key to coping with nephrotic syndrome is prevention of recurrence

2017-06-09 17:02

What is the most important thing for a disease? We all have our own views in our hearts. But to tell you that for the thorny problem of nephrotic syndrome, its most critical issue should be to prevent recurrence, so that we can really get rid of trouble.

Nephrotic syndrome, the key anti-recurrence! Recurrent episodes are the biggest problem of nephrotic syndrome. How to ensure that the disease does not relapse? For nephrotic syndrome, if long-term disease to keep the recurrence, from a certain sense, is the disease cured. Patients must try to avoid cold, do not catch a cold. In addition, the mood is also particularly important for patients with kidney disease, if a patient disease recurrence, no doubt, is not cold is bad mood, there was tension, angry, work pressure and so on.

Hypertension is a major complication of nephrotic syndrome, so monitoring blood pressure, low salt diet is important. For the protein, many people think that since there is proteinuria, the body must lose a certain amount of protein, so be sure to add protein, eat more protein food. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. If the emergence of proteinuria kidney compared to a water bottle, the more poured into the water, the more powerful kettle leakage. Kidney is the same, the more protein to eat, the heavier the burden of the kidneys, if the limit of protein intake, it will reduce the burden on the kidneys, and gradually restore the function of the kidney. It is estimated that each egg contains 7 to 8 grams of protein, 250 ml of milk containing 7 grams of protein, 1 two lean protein 7 grams. Recommended to try not to eat fat, seafood must be fresh, and to limit, do not eat cold food, like sorbet, raw food, especially in summer, so as not to cause diarrhea, causing disease recurrence. Spicy food is best to eat less, if caused by pharyngitis, can also lead to disease recurrence.

The body is the movement, the kidney is also movement, only to adhere to exercise, it is really conducive to the recovery of the disease. As long as the body allows, we must do something within their power, life should be regular, can not stay up all night.

Compared to adults, children with nephrotic syndrome more likely to relapse. Chen long that this may be because the child does not pay attention to health care, can not be a good constraint on their own. But do not have to worry too much, the prognosis of many children is good, with age, the arrival of adolescence, the body gradually increased immunity, fewer and fewer opportunities for disease recurrence, the body will be better. He reminded children in the vaccination, the parents must be vaccinated with the doctor to explain the child's physical condition, because some of the children in the vaccination after the disease will appear recurrence of the phenomenon.

The key to nephrotic syndrome is to prevent recurrence, which is beyond doubt. But in fact we all understand, for any disease, to prevent recurrence is also a very important thing. Only to do this, we can be peace of mind.

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