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How does Chinese medicine care for nephrotic syndrome?

2017-06-09 16:57

In recent years, nephrotic syndrome has gradually become a common disease, China's patients with nephrotic syndrome is very much, especially in the middle-aged groups. But now many people are on how to care for nephrotic syndrome ignorant, so today we from the perspective of Chinese medicine to talk about how to care for nephrotic syndrome.

First, diet care. After the occurrence of nephrotic syndrome, patients need to follow the kidney disease diet to high calorie, high vitamin, high quality low protein, low salt and low fat diet is appropriate. The occurrence of a large number of proteinuria, severe edema, hormones during the use of different patients with nephrotic syndrome, the corresponding diet should have a limited focus.

Second, rest. Severe edema nephrotic syndrome patients need bed rest. General nephrotic syndrome patients during treatment, can do a slight activity in the room, the condition relief 3 to 6 months (including taking hormones), can be gradually restored, but to avoid doing physical activity and fatigue. This is one of the ways to care for nephrotic syndrome.

Third, clean care. Patients need to keep themselves clean during treatment and rehabilitation, and care is more important for patients with longer illness and longer bedtime. So to prevent skin damage, bed sores and other issues, to prevent infection, aggravate the condition or lead to recurrence. Nephrotic syndrome cleaning care, including bed, skin, nails, genitals and other parts of the clean.

Fourth, psychological counseling. After the onset of kidney disease, emotional, temperament may have a great change, depression, irritability, pessimism and other emotions. For the patient's situation, should be with the families of patients with careful psychological counseling, making the patient to maintain a good attitude for treatment.

By browsing the above, we have to understand how to use traditional Chinese medicine methods to care for nephrotic syndrome it Patients in the hospital in the formal treatment, but also in daily life in accordance with the method of Chinese medicine to care for nephrotic syndrome. This combination of treatment and care, then, can be faster treatment of nephrotic syndrome. Here Xiaobian also wish everyone a quick recovery.

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