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What are the typical symptoms of nephrotic syndrome?

2017-06-09 16:53

Nephrotic syndrome is a very common disease, usually because these typical symptoms will be diagnosed, what is the typical nephrotic syndrome? Here, we come from the article to understand the specific under it. The expert will answer your questions:

1, hypoproteinemia: mainly in patients with nephrotic syndrome, plasma protein decreased, the extent of the degree of proteinuria and a significant relationship. This is one of the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome.

2, hyperlipidemia: nephrotic syndrome in patients with blood triglyceride significantly increased.

3, systemic edema: almost all patients with nephrotic syndrome are varying degrees of edema, edema to the face, lower limbs, scrotum Department of the most obvious. Edema can last for weeks or months, or swollen in the whole course of time. In patients with nephrotic syndrome infection (especially streptococcal infection), the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome can often cause recurrence or aggravation of edema, or even azotemia.

4, gastrointestinal symptoms: due to gastrointestinal edema, nephrotic syndrome patients often do not think of diet, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension and other symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders. When the nephrotic syndrome patients with azotemia, the symptoms of these nephrotic syndrome increased.

These are the typical symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, and these typical symptoms is the diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome is the main basis, if there is most of the typical symptoms, then be sure to go to the hospital in time to check their own.

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