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Kidney Consolidation - anti immune and anti-inflammatory

2017-06-08 15:19

Braised chicken with Abalone

[Formula kimono] peeled and its subcutaneous fat chicken 80 grams, abalone 25 grams. The amount of water, into the cooker, first with the fire to boil, then simmer boiling. Season with a little salt (note not to use too much salt). Take the soup and meat together.

[effect] chicken natured, sweet and salty, rich in quality protein, function of tonic temperature, tonic five internal organs, can cure the spleen and stomach, nourishing liver and kidney ying. It is better to use the female chicken without laying eggs, and the best choice is the black boned chicken. Abalone is a kind of marine mollusk. It is mild, sweet and salty, rich in protein function, nourishing yin and strengthening the kidney, benefiting the eye and improving eyesight. Therefore, the main purpose of this diet is to invigorate the kidney and fill the essence.

[indications] the therapeutic application for nephrotic syndrome after treatment edema is not serious, but there is still a mild to moderate proteinuria, low plasma protein, renal function is still good, but no blood creatinine or urea nitrogen increased (azotemia). This side tastes delicious, easy to cause the patient's appetite, rich in high quality protein, the nephrotic syndrome of low blood protein is really beneficial, cherish abalone, the price is very expensive.

[contraindication] if the nephrotic syndrome is accompanied by the accumulation of nitrogen, the renal function is not good, it is forbidden to use this formula.

Corn, medlar stewed fish

[method] and formula of fresh corn to 810 grams (dry goods, 40 grams), 15 grams medlar, a fish (about 400 grams). First drain the fish in hot water and scald them to make them clean. Remove the intestines, cut head, jaw, clean water, fish and shell together with herbs into Dunzhong, add water, water simmer cooked, add a little salt (avoid oversalting), fresh water fish soup.

[efficacy] corn must be flat, sweet, diuretic function, can cure acute and chronic glomerulonephritis edema. Chinese wolfberry is the ripe fruit of Solanaceae Lycium perennial shrub, the root bark were digupi. Wolfberry natured, sweet, functional kidney Yijing, Yanggan eyesight, clinically for kidney yin deficiency caused by consumptive sperm loss, diabetes, kidney disease, low back pain of foot knees; also used in liver and lung yin deficiency of dizzy and blurred lung dryness cough. This prescription is used to reinforce kidney yin. Turtle shell, flat, sweet and salty, function of nourishing yin and Yang, Ruanjiansanjie, the side with its complement strain, nourishing liver and kidney yin. Modern thinking that it can improve plasma proteins. Take a comprehensive view of the role of diuresis and kidney enhancement.

[indications] when the nephrotic syndrome starts with large doses of hormone treatment, there is a more pronounced edema in the lower extremities.

[contraindication] the patient has no edema after treatment and should not use this prescription. If you have nitrogen, you should be careful with it.

General diet taboo

If the edema is serious and the urine is low, proper drinking water should be limited; and a low salt diet should be given during the course of large doses of hormone treatment or with edema. Protein intake to maintain the body needs and add urine loss can be, the former is usually one kilogram per kilogram of body weight per day. Prolonged excessive intake of protein not only does not benefit, but also increases the burden on the kidneys, resulting in increased kidney damage. Should eat more vitamin rich fresh vegetables and fruits.

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