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Nephrotic syndrome patients with four principles of diet?

2017-05-31 10:17

Nephrotic syndrome patients with four principles of diet?Nephrotic syndrome is a more common disease, the disease often manifested as proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, a high degree of edema, hyperlipidemia and so on. Everyone in the daily if the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, the need to go to the regular hospital as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment. In addition, patients with nephrotic syndrome during treatment should also do a good job in diet conditioning, master the four dietary principles, can effectively promote the recovery of the disease. In order to facilitate everyone to understand, the following to do a detailed introduction.

1, limiting fat intake: patients with nephrotic syndrome often hyperlipidemia, which can cause arteriosclerosis and glomerular injury, sclerosis, etc., should limit the animal offal, fat, some seafood and other foods rich in cholesterol and Fat food intake.

2, limit the intake of sodium: edema should be into the low-salt diet, so as not to aggravate edema, the general daily amount of salt is not more than 2g is appropriate, disable pickled foods, less MSG and alkali, edema subsided, plasma protein close Normal, can restore the ordinary diet.

3, trace elements added: due to nephrotic syndrome in patients with glomerular basement membrane permeability increased, in addition to loss of urine in a large number of proteins, but also lost with the protein binding of certain trace elements and hormones, resulting in human calcium, magnesium , Zinc, iron and other elements of the lack of appropriate should be given. General can be eaten with vitamins and trace elements rich in vegetables, fruits, grains, seafood, etc. to be added.

4, the appropriate protein intake: nephrotic syndrome, a large number of plasma protein from the urine, the human protein decreased in the protein malnutrition, hypoproteinemia to reduce the plasma colloid osmotic pressure, resulting in edema stubborn, the body resistance (1 ~ 1.5g / kg · d), such as fish and meat, and so on. In the absence of renal failure, the early stage should be given high quality protein diet (1 ~ 1.5g / kg · d). This helps to alleviate hypoalbuminemia and some comorbidities that follow it.

The above is about the "nephrotic syndrome patients to note the four dietary principles," the relevant content, hope to understand everyone's help. Nephrotic syndrome patients to do the above diet is very critical, not only can effectively prevent the emergence of complications, but also to promote the recovery of the disease. Therefore, patients with nephrotic syndrome need to pay attention to the above principles of diet, active care.

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