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Can nephrotic syndrome in patients eat tomatoes?

2017-05-13 19:28

Kidney patients can eat tomatoes? In the summer, we all like to eat tomatoes, then it treats when the fruit. But some kidney syndrome patients should pay attention to some of the ingredients in the tomato is against you is not good.

Tomato contains a lot of vitamin C, lycopene, has antioxidant effect, is a kind of diet helps to treat nephrotic syndrome, but also because of this vitamin C content is large, there is the possibility of increased stones, So can you eat tomatoes also depends on your blood potassium level is high or low.

If your high blood potassium, then do for patients with nephrotic syndrome can not eat tomatoes. Because tomatoes are high potassium vegetables. Kidney function is not good, the body may not be able to effectively remove the excess potassium, and high blood potassium is likely to cause severe heart conduction and contraction abnormalities, and even death. (Usually: mushrooms, mustard, cauliflower, spinach, spinach, bamboo shoots, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins, guava) and fruits (such as tomatoes) Such as: loquat, peach, peach, hard persimmon, orange, etc.), try to avoid raw vegetables salad, other such as: coffee, tea, chicken, beef extract, ginseng fine, thick broth, soy sauce, Also high, should try to eat less.

Through the above we can conclude that kidney patients eat tomatoes also depends on the situation to go, when their body is not suitable for eating, please do not wayward, we can choose other fruits of their own benefit. Physical health is the most important!

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