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Side effects of nephrotic syndrome hormone therapy

2017-05-13 19:23

Nephrotic syndrome hormones therapy have side effects? Many patients with nephrotic syndrome will be treated with hormones, when using hormone therapy, when used in the initial time the dose is relatively large, nephrotic syndrome is recurrent Of a disease, or the emergence of hormone rebound phenomenon. Do you use hormones to treat side effects?

1, class Cushing syndrome. Long-term use of hormones will appear iatrogenic adrenal gland hyperfunction. Symptoms of general withdrawal can gradually diminish.

2, induced or aggravated infection. The use of hormones, the body will reduce the resistance, hidden infection spread, or a new infection. Because of the low resistance to disease, nephrotic syndrome patients prone to complicated by pneumonia, skin infections and primary peritonitis. After the use of hormones, this infection will occur more easily. Hormones can also induce nephrotic syndrome recurrence, so the use of the process should be to prevent infection, once the emergence of immediate treatment, but the amount of hormones should not change.

3, the formation of thrombosis. The original syndrome of patients with nephrotic syndrome, a lot of opportunities for thrombosis, the use of hormones, this probability is greatly increased, combined with infection will appear when the renal vein thrombosis.

4, withdrawal carefully. If it is long-term excessive use of hormones in patients with withdrawal should be careful to slow down the dosage. If you suddenly stop or sudden reduction, the light will appear hormone rebound, severe cases will appear exogenous corticosteroid withdrawal syndrome, or even acute adrenal insufficiency, circulatory failure or coma, resulting in life-threatening.

5, affect the state of mind. Long-term high-dose patients with hormones will be excited, insomnia and other symptoms, inpidual patients will induce mental disorders. Therefore, patients with mental illness, mental illness and history of epilepsy should not use hormones.

 Above is the side effects of nephrotic syndrome hormone therapy, must be careful with hormones, it is best to ask the doctor, according to the doctor's proposal to use hormones.


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