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Can patients with nephrotic syndrome eat sea cucumber?

2017-05-13 19:13

Sea cucumber is a very high nutritional value of food, then it is not all people are suitable for eating sea cucumber it? Nephrotic syndrome patients can not eat sea cucumber it?

Nephrotic syndrome patients can eat sea cucumber? We all know that sea cucumber nutritional value is high, sea cucumber due to low cholesterol, as a typical high protein, low fat, low cholesterol food. But also because of tender meat, easy to digest, it is very suitable for the elderly and children, as well as weak physical consumption. tongshantang hospital kidney disease experts, patients with nephrotic syndrome can eat sea cucumber but to moderate. The following experts to the patient to introduce the taboo crowd of sea cucumber:

1, suitable for virtual weakness, lack of blood, malnutrition, postpartum postpartum physically weak human consumption; suitable for kidney deficiency, impotence nocturnal emission, urine frequency of human consumption; suitable for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease Atherosclerosis of the human consumption; suitable for cancer patients and radiotherapy, chemotherapy, after surgery; suitable for hepatitis, kidney disease, diabetes, edible; suitable for hemophiliacs and people prone to bleeding; suitable for the elderly and infants;

2, suffering from acute enteritis, bacillary dysentery, colds, sputum, asthma and loose stools thin, bleeding both stasis and dampness disorder patients not eat.

Through the introduction of kidney disease experts, we know that patients with nephrotic syndrome in some cases can eat sea cucumber. Sea cucumber is a high nutrient, high protein, low fat, low cholesterol food. Sea cucumber helps to promote the regeneration of the body cells and the recovery after the body injury, but also can improve the body's immune function. Kidney disease in the treatment of attention should also take active measures at the same time, the two will be closely combined with the best therapeutic effect. And we should pay attention to food restriction and sea cucumber: sea cucumber should not be with licorice, vinegar with food.

Patient friends, you can neonatal syndromes can not eat sea cucumber related issues are understood? Patients in the diet do not blindly. Experts advise patients to do a good job in combination with their own condition and the doctor to do a good job after the timely and reasonable to eat.

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