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What are the complications of membranous nephropathy?

2017-05-13 14:50

Membranous nephropathy (MN) the exact cause is not yet clear, according to the clinical manifestations of primary MN and secondary MN can be pided into two categories. Membranous nephropathy often seen in life, then what are the complications of membranous nephropathy?


1. renal vein thrombosis from clinical observation and continuous renal biopsy data, the disease is a chronic progressive disease. Such as in the course of a sudden increase in urinary protein, or sudden deterioration of renal function, suggesting that the merger may have renal vein thrombosis, the complication rate of up to 50%. Induction factors include low serum albumin (<2.0 ~ 2.5g / dl), strong excessive diuretic, long-term bedridden and so on.


2. Acute interstitial nephritis, tubular necrosis or crescentic glomerulonephritis and other common complications of MN.


3. Renal failure in patients with advanced renal function deterioration, decreased urine output, urinary creatinine, elevated urea nitrogen, prone to renal failure.


4. infection due to a large number of immunoglobulin loss from the urine, the body resistance decreased, the course of the disease often associated with a variety of infections.

Above is the complications of membranous nephropathy, we must pay attention to the treatment of membranous nephropathy and diet health, to avoid the occurrence of complications, if found complications, to timely treatment.

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