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hildren with nephrotic syndrome should not eat tofu

2017-05-06 18:28

In the past, people have always felt that the kidney is a patent for adults, the child is so small, how could be suffering from kidney disease? If you think so, it's a big mistake. Clinical studies have found that many children suffer from nephrotic syndrome. Tofu cause indigestion: tofu contains extremely rich in protein, a food too much not only hinder the body's absorption of iron, protein and easily lead to indigestion symptoms of diarrhea and abdominal distension.

For patients with nephrotic syndrome, the daily protein intake should be based on how much protein loss in the urine to determine general daily to 1.5 2.0g / kg body weight for moderate to high quality protein foods such as meat, eggs, milk, fish is good.

If there is a patient with hyperlipidemia, it should limit the intake of protein, daily protein intake in order to maintain a minimum balance of nitrogen is appropriate, the supply of protein should be limited to around 50g.

Tofu nutritional value is very high, we all know. However, no matter how good things are suitable for everyone, in some special circumstances, tofu should not be too much food.

The protein content of tofu and bean curd is higher than that of soybean, and it is a complete protein, which not only contains eight kinds of essential amino acids, but also is close to human needs. Tofu also contains fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The theory of Chinese medicine, tofu, sweet and cool, into the spleen, stomach and large intestine, with Qi and dryness, detoxification effect, can be used to treat diabetes, lipid, solution of sulfur, shochu and other drugs. Tofu can be good, eat more, but also harm the health of excessive.

Tofu cause indigestion: tofu contains extremely rich in protein, a food too much not only hinder the body's absorption of iron, protein and easily lead to indigestion symptoms of diarrhea and abdominal distension.

Tofu caused by renal dysfunction: under normal circumstances, people eat into the body of the plant protein through the metabolic changes, and finally turned into nitrogenous waste, excreted by the kidneys. In old age, decreased renal ability to excrete waste, if not pay attention to diet, eating a lot of tofu, excessive intake of vegetable protein, is bound to cause the body to generate the nitrogenous waste increased, increasing the burden on the kidneys, so that further decline in kidney function, is not conducive to good health.

Visible, tofu is good, it is not appropriate to eat every day, do not eat too much. Elderly and patients with kidney disease, iron deficiency anemia, gout, arteriosclerosis patients should control the amount of food. Chinese medicine believes that the tofu partial cold, stomach cold and diarrhea, abdominal distension, spleen and those who often appear spermatorrhea of kidney deficiency are advised not to eat.

Nursing care of children with nephrotic syndrome

1, children should not eat salty food

Nephrotic syndrome children, diet should pay attention to less salt, blood pressure has not been reduced to normal children, this is very important. However, the food will not affect the salt and appetite, it is appropriate to use a low salt diet. After edema and hypertension disappear, can improve the ordinary diet, but also light, not salty. Bread and soda biscuits also contain sodium, it is best not to give the child to eat. Allows children to eat some fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement the body of vitamins.

2, children should not wear clothes for a long time

Nephrotic syndrome children often change clothes, because the infection is often the cause of the recurrence of kidney disease. Often bath change clothes, keep skin clean, can prevent skin infection.

3, children should not go to public places

Children with nephrotic syndrome care, parents should keep indoor air fresh, try not to take the children to the shops, theaters and other public places. Note that according to climate change clothes, prevent colds.

4, children should not be tired

The nursing child nephrotic syndrome, parents should not let the child tired, children's self-control ability, came home from the hospital will feel very fresh, easy to play too much, lack of sleep, parents should pay special attention to arrange the child's sleep schedule, try to get enough rest.

5, it is not appropriate to reduce or stop drug

Children with nephrotic syndrome care, parents should help children with kidney disease. Most of the treatment of kidney disease need to take hormone drugs. Take hormone children, must be under the guidance of a doctor, with the improvement of the condition, gradually reduced to stop drug. Parents should supervise their children the amount of medication on time, must not be reduced and stopped at random, so as to avoid repeated illness.

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