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Nephrotic syndrome patients daily diet attention

2017-04-26 18:13

Nephrotic syndrome patients in the daily diet and the details of life must pay attention to the reasonable diet is necessary. Nephrotic syndrome patients should pay attention to what? The following experts explain:

1, control of sodium intake

Patients with nephrotic syndrome usually have edema, if the increase in the concentration of sodium in the body will increase edema, so patients with nephrotic syndrome should control the intake of salt. Patients should be banned pickled food, less MSG and alkaline, edema subsided, plasma protein close to normal, can restore the general diet.

2, pay attention to protein intake

Nephrotic syndrome patients often have the production of proteinuria, proteinuria and protein loss, so that patients with malnutrition, affecting the normal recovery. So in the diet should pay attention to add protein, but must pay attention to the principle, in the early stage to give a higher quality protein diet.

3, reduce fat intake

In patients with nephrotic syndrome is usually associated with hyperlipidemia, who eat a lot of fat easily lead to glomerular damage, so to reduce fat intake, limiting animal offal, fat, some seafood rich in cholesterol and fat intake.

4, add trace elements

With the production of proteinuria, nephrotic syndrome patients prone to malnutrition and the loss of a variety of trace elements, resulting in lack of calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and other elements of the human body, should be given appropriate supplement. So for patients with nephrotic syndrome should pay attention to the supplement of trace elements.


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