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Children with nephrotic syndrome patients with hormone synthesis

2017-04-26 17:24


At present, western medicine for the treatment of nephrotic syndrome is mainly the use of hormone therapy, but the long-term use of hormones is very harmful to patients, especially children with nephrotic syndrome. Experts suggest that children with nephrotic syndrome in patients with hormone synthesis should be used with caution!

The harm of hormone therapy in children with nephrotic syndrome:

1 children with symptomatic relief after treatment: should be regularly checked, especially the urine routine. Urine volume is normal, urine bubble less, if the recurrence of kidney disease, urine foam increased urine volume decreased. Of course, a more accurate way to monitor urinary protein is to check urine routine.

2 children with nephrotic syndrome due to long-term use of hormones easy to secondary infection, common skin infections, respiratory infections, primary peritonitis, etc., is the most harmful virus infection. Especially hormone or immunosuppressive therapy process, with measles, chickenpox, herpes zoster often than normal children severe illness, and even lead to death, so should be avoided in children with respiratory tract infection and other people. Should avoid going to public places. Contact with the history of the child, as soon as possible to the hospital for treatment, should be reduced hormone or immunosuppressive agents, and the injection of immunoglobulin.

3 in the course of treatment of abdominal pain: to pay attention to whether there is no incentive, abdominal pain of the site, is sustained pain or paroxysmal pain. And should go to the hospital immediately.

Over 4 hormones will make calcium metabolism in patients with abnormal, causing osteoporosis, bone deformation, so that children with lower extremity pain is probably due to osteoporosis, should supplement vitamin D and calcium, and avoid strenuous activities, so as to avoid the occurrence of fracture.

5 taking hormone can make a patient's appetite: New Year Festival should control food intake to avoid overeating and lead to the occurrence of acute gastroenteritis.

Children with nephrotic syndrome patients to try to do all the nursing work, including with Zhou, diet, life and so on, for the recovery of the disease is of great help.

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