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Complications of acute nephritic syndrome

2017-04-10 10:12

(1) acute congestive heart failure: the symptoms of acute nephritis in children can become acute left heart failure, if not timely rescue and identification, it can be rapidly fatal, acute nephritis, due to water sodium retention, systemic edema and increased blood volume, pulmonary circulation blood stasis is common, and in no case of acute heart failure, patients often have shortness of breath, cough and pulmonary rales and a little bottom pulmonary circulation blood stasis symptoms due to respiratory tract infection patients exist at the same time, the pulmonary circulation blood stasis are easily overlooked, on the other hand, there will be the phenomenon of mistaken circulation stasis in acute heart failure has occurred, therefore, the correct understanding of water sodium retention caused by lung blood stasis or acute nephritis complicated with acute heart failure is very important.

(2) hypertensive encephalopathy: Previous hypertensive encephalopathy in the pathogenesis of acute glomerulonephritis was 5% ~ 10%, and acute heart failure in recent years, the incidence was significantly lower than acute heart failure, and more rare, this may be related to the timely treatment, common symptoms are severe headache and vomiting, followed by the emergence of visual impairment confusion, lethargy, and paroxysmal convulsion or epilepsy, control of blood pressure after the symptoms quickly disappeared or improved without sequelae.

hypertensive encephalopathy

(3) acute renal failure, acute nephritis, glomerular mesangial cells and endothelial cells proliferation, capillary and capillary blood coagulation in patients with stenosis, to further reduce the amount of urine (oliguria or urine), protein catabolic large retention, appeared in the acute phase to uremic syndrome.

(4) secondary bacterial infections: acute nephritis due to systemic resistance, easy to secondary infection, the most common is the lungs and urinary tract infection, once secondary infection, should actively symptomatic treatment, so as not to cause the original disease exacerbation.


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