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Nephrotic syndrome can not eat what fruit?

2017-03-02 11:40

Nephrotic syndrome is a chronic wasting disease, its symptoms are various, the main manifestation of systemic edema, the harm to the body. Nephrotic syndrome has a lot of food taboos, take fruit, you know that you can not eat fruit?

Nephrotic syndrome, high sodium containing fruit should be fasting, such as banana, orange, hawthorn, peach, persimmon, orange juice, watermelon, tomato, apple and so on, because hyperkalemia can cause sudden death in patients with nephrotic syndrome, high sodium intake will increase in patients with renal failure, one must remember.

The following small series to introduce you to a number of nephrotic syndrome can not eat fruit, patients must pay attention to.

1, banana. Bananas are not only rich in protein, fat and carbohydrate, but also have no effect on the patients with kidney. But there is one point, the content of trace elements in banana potassium is relatively rich. However, a large amount of potassium intake in the body, it will make the kidney of patients with hyperkalemia higher, more serious illness. In addition, the potassium content of fruits and oranges, this delicious fruit, but also to be excluded.

2, apple. Although the sweet and sour taste, rich nutrition, meet the tastes of people, but the content of potassium and sodium elements is extremely poor, excessive consumption will increase the burden on the kidneys, but also in patients with nephrotic syndrome from fruit. In this case there is also a peach, hawthorn and citrus.

3, watermelon. This is very common in the summer fruits, diuretic effect is very large, which can be seen in how high moisture content. But there are a lot of drawbacks, such as: eat watermelon will make the gastrointestinal digestion ability, and stomach. The patients with nephrotic syndrome have high performance, the consequences of eating watermelon is to make this situation more serious.

4, orange. Orange orange and grapefruit cultivars, itself is a kind of healthy fruit, but its potassium content is very high, the patients with nephrotic syndrome is also a kind of dangerous fruit.

5, hawthorn. Hawthorn nutritional benefits a lot, is a natural for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and blood pressure and cholesterol lowering, but not just for hawthorn, spleen and stomach discomfort, can only aggravate the symptoms, so it should not be used in patients with nephritic syndrome. In addition, similar to the peach, apple.

6, persimmon. Persimmon fruit, such as the above, the higher salt content, is not conducive to the condition of nephrotic syndrome, it should not be eaten.

7, melon. In patients with chronic renal failure is like fasting, patients with renal failure after eating, hyperkalemia can lead to cardiovascular accident. Therefore, patients with renal failure should not eat melon.

8, orange. Suffering from kidney stones and urinary tract stones and bladder stones, are not eating, this is because it contains a lot of vitamin C in orange, the formation of stones of calcium ion and its metabolites in vivo metabolism and easy combination, thus aggravating illness.

9, pomegranate. People suffering from urinary tract infection should only eat food, avoid food, avoid food, so don't eat pomegranate.

The diet of nephrotic syndrome should be high in calories, high in protein, low in fat, low in sodium, high in calcium and rich in vitamins. Some patients with nephrotic syndrome often loss of appetite, not to eat food, high protein, high heat can not be added, so we should try to improve the cooking technology, food color, flavor and taste, reduce food capacity, improve the quality of.


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