• Nephrotic syndrome edema three reasons

    2017-12-29 17:15:13

    Early nephrotic syndrome may be early morning eyelid edema, or only appear lower extremity edema. Serum albumin reduced to a certain extent, edema will gradually increase, and even facial facial edema, severe pitting lower edema, scalp edema, back edema, ...


  • How does nephrotic syndrome patients exercise?

    2017-11-29 17:45:45

    Patients with nephrotic syndrome should be mainly in bed rest. Lying in bed can increase renal blood flow, is conducive to diuresis, and reduce exposure to the outside, in order to prevent cross infection. But the long-term bedridden patients with nephrot...


  • What are the clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome?

    2017-10-15 15:28:18

    What are the clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome? For nephrotic syndrome, people have a lot of questions, to know that many people in our kidney side are being troubled by the disease, then in the end nephrotic syndrome Of the cli...

    Tags:nephrotic sy,nephrotic sy

  • What is the hazard of nephrotic syndrome?

    2017-10-05 14:38:33

    1 nephrotic syndrome is a certain harm, and its disease in the time of onset with hyperlipidemia and hypercoagulable state of blood, it will lead to coronary heart disease. It has been reported that the incidence of myocardial infarction in patients with ...

    Tags:hazard of ne

  • Is swollen lymph nodes a nephrotic syndrome?

    2017-10-01 10:17:28

    People with nephrotic syndrome often have symptoms of a typical kidney disease, such as proteinuria, systemic edema, hyperlipidemia, and other symptoms. Nephrotic syndrome is often not a single disease, it is associated with many diseases, so there are ot...


  • What physical examination children with nephrotic syndrome n

    2017-09-29 14:09:48

    Nephrotic syndrome is a high incidence of disease in society, the harm to patients is very great, especially for children with nephrotic syndrome, are severely affected the health of children, we must be careful in life, lets learn about the method of ana...

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  • Does the consequence of nephrosis Syndrome really matter?

    2017-09-29 14:07:54

    Nephrotic syndrome is one of the types of nephrotic syndrome, and many people are referred to with nephrotic syndrome. Most people have a fear of not being able to recover, resulting in psychological pressure because nephrotic syndrome thinking can think ...


  • The cause of edema in children with nephrotic syndrome

    2017-09-28 17:03:25

    Children with nephrotic syndrome and their families should know the nephrotic syndrome will appear edema and other symptoms, nephrotic syndrome in children because there is a high degree of edema, presumably this is a lot of parents want to understand the...

    Tags:cause of nep

  • Do children have nephrotic syndrome why dieting is so diffic

    2017-09-28 16:55:15

    Children with nephrotic syndrome diet difficulty, one of the most important is the child nephrotic syndrome taboo diet, the incidence of nephrotic syndrome in children is also increasing, healthy diet of children, should pay attention to children is nephr...

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  • What are the complications of nephrotic syndrome in children

    2017-09-22 16:53:03

    The symptoms of nephrotic syndrome in children are mainly due to the large amount of proteinuria, hyponatremia, hyperlipidemia and edema of varying degrees, edema of nephrotic syndrome in children with double, edema of lower extremities, and frequent comp...


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