• Analysis of four hazards of hydronephrosis

    2017-03-05 13:50:05

    Many times people only know the harm of the disease, to pay attention to this disease, then, what is the harm of hydronephrosis? The heart of the problem, experts say, the risk of hydronephrosis occurs in the kidney, ureter obstruction for...


  • Kidney tuberculosis for a long time, will cause hydronephro

    2017-03-05 13:49:47

    For renal tuberculosis, I believe a lot of people feel strange, kidney experts, advanced renal tuberculosis complicated with bladder tuberculosis, which lead to hydronephrosis, aggravating disease Love. Therefore, renal tuberculosis patient...


  • Suffering from hydronephrosis should be how to care

    2017-03-05 13:49:29

    1, diet health Increase energy intake, but in order to avoid increasing the burden of kidney water, should not eat too much protein rich foods. Energy intake depends mainly on Carbohydrates and fats. For unilateral hydronephrosis, do not ha...


  • Teach you four strokes clever prevention of hydronephrosis

    2017-03-05 13:49:08

    If you do not pay attention to life, a lot of small reasons will lead to the emergence of the disease, hydronephrosis in our lives is very common, hydronephrosis to patients with To the serious injury, so Xiaobian teach you four strokes cle...


  • How to strengthen the diet of patients with hydronephrosis?

    2017-03-05 13:48:47

    What is hydronephrosis, the main cause of the disease is obstruction, such as suffering from kidney stones, with the increase of stones, easily lead to the occurrence of hydronephrosis. So, For patients with kidney stones hydronephrosis, we...


  • Hydronephrosis patients who can not eat?

    2017-03-05 13:48:27

    As the saying goes, hunger breeds discontentment, a seemingly simple diet, it is learned. In particular, some reasonable diet, the rehabilitation of the disease is very Beneficial. The wrong diet, may aggravate the condition, so for patient...


  • Daily health care method for patients with hydronephrosis

    2017-03-05 13:48:11

    The main cause of hydronephrosis is obstruction, such as kidney stones, with the development of the disease, but also affect the patients normal urination function, will be strict Cause the patients life and work inconvenience, so in the fa...


  • How to carry out routine nursing for patients with hydroneph

    2017-03-05 13:47:50

    No matter what kind of disease, in the treatment of care, the role of diet is very large, hydronephrosis disease to the patients health has a great impact, therefore Faced with this disease patients need to be given the right treatment, whi...


  • To understand the diagnosis of hydronephrosis

    2017-03-05 13:47:26

    Hydronephrosis is a very common kidney disease, a lot of people suffering from the disease, which also includes a number of newborn babies, the harm is great. Clinically , where patients suffering from hydronephrosis usually have low back p...


  • Who says the newborn is not likely to suffer from hydronephr

    2017-03-05 13:47:06

    Clinically, kidney disease is often considered to be a disease of adults, you know? Some babies born also suffer from kidney disease, including kidney Water. This requires pregnant women need to do more than usual fetal examination, always...


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