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Patients with hydronephrosis should pay attention to what

2017-08-18 17:15

Hydronephrosis in kidney disease is very common, while the harm to patients can not be ignored, many patients with hydronephrosis, found themselves suffering from this disease, in order to be able to recover as soon as possible, will actively cooperate Doctors for treatment, but patients in their daily lives did not do nursing work, resulting in recovery of the disease was not ideal, then patients with hydronephrosis, in the daily diet should pay attention to what issues?

Patients with hydronephrosis should limit the daily intake of salt and water. Limit salt intake is mainly for patients with edema and hypertension, because the salt intake does not limit the burden of the kidney can increase, increased water and sodium retention, so that edema is difficult to subside, but also cause high blood pressure. If it is unilateral hydronephrosis, do not limit the amount of water, if bilateral hydronephrosis, renal dysfunction, to limit the daily intake of water. For hydronephrosis without edema or high blood pressure may not limit the salt, the daily salt and normal people can be the same.

Patients with hydronephrosis should also increase the intake of energy. Increasing energy intake does not mean that you can eat too much protein-rich foods. The energy intake of patients with hydronephrosis mainly rely on carbohydrates and fatty foods, reducing the intake of protein can reduce the blood nitrogen retention, reduce the burden on the kidneys, thereby delaying the process of chronic renal failure.

Hydronephrosis patients can not eat foods rich in oxalates. Foods rich in oxalates include vegetables such as beans, beets, celery, chocolate, grapes, green peppers, parsley, spinach, strawberries and cabbage. Also avoid alcohol, caffeine, tea, chocolate, fig dried, lamb, mandarin, green peppers, black tea, poppy and so on.

People with hydronephrosis should eat high cholesterol every day. High cholesterol diet such as animal offal, squid, fat, fish, cuttlefish and so on.

Above is the experts to collect the relevant information, presumably we have a certain understanding of the above common sense it! Only the correct diagnosis, in order to better treatment. If you have other kidney problems can browse other pages, you can also give us a message, with the good Church Chinese medicine hospital kidney disease experts will give you the most professional and most effective treatment or recommendations.

Patients with hydronephrosis should pay attention to what

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