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Children after hydronephrosis after the disappearance of water is how the matter?

2017-07-01 11:04

Patients: my son a year and a half, milk powder incident examination, found the left renal pelvis 1.1cm water, half an hour after urination, review, water disappeared, all normal. Test, urine routine normal, b super no I would like to ask Professor Huang to help me analyze, my son's case is how, need surgery? Is surgery complicated? Thank you!

Nanjing Children's Hospital Nephrology Huang Songming: If the void after the disappearance of water, then there may be two reasons, one is the vesicoureteral reflux, that urine may not be discharged in the bladder one way down, there may be To the upper ureter or bladder reflux. Second, due to holding back urine. That is, excessive urinary bladder, causing ureteral pressure increases, causing the hydronephrosis of the renal pelvis, but this situation should be both sides will appear. I suggest you over a period of time to review B ultrasound, while paying attention to whether the child has abnormal urination, such as urinary frequency, poor urination and repeated urinary tract infection. Usually pay attention to proper drinking water, dilution urination.

Patient: What need to do auxiliary examination to diagnose the problem is not reflux in the end, and this check on the child's side effects smaller, the other time to do the appropriate surgery, complicated surgery?

Tongshantang Hospital Nephrology experts: now far from surgery this step, the first regular review to see if there is water, if any see what the reasons for the diagnosis of reflux to do urinary urinary tract angiography.

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