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What is the pre-symptoms of hydronephrosis?

2017-07-01 11:02

What are the symptoms of hydronephrosis? Because many patients with hydronephrosis do not understand their own condition, suffering from hydronephrosis can not be treated in time, resulting in a great harm. Experts advise, kidney water on the great harm to health, to pay attention. To determine the early symptoms of hydronephrosis, people can first find the disease, and then for specific disease symptoms, take measures to avoid the disease caused serious harm.

Patients with early clinical symptoms of hydronephrosis can generally be found in life, such as hematuria, pain, oliguria or anuria, these are symptoms of hydronephrosis.

1, hematuria: hematuria is one of the symptoms of hydronephrosis, usually microscopic hematuria. While the patient in the concurrent infection, stones or trauma after hematuria increased.

2, low back pain: low back pain there are many kinds of cases, there are waist and abdomen caused by pain: the general is generally from the beginning of the rib margin, and gradually to the side of the abdomen and waist extension, the greater the middle line can be a smooth surface of the cystic mass , The edge of the rules, a sense of volatility, tenderness is not obvious. In addition to the above situation, the patient may also have persistent pain in the waist, mostly dull or bulge discomfort.

3, high blood pressure: hypertension is also a common symptom of hydronephrosis, severe cases of severe hydronephrosis in about 1/3 of hypertension, was mild or moderate increase. May be due to the expansion of the renal pelvis and calyx compression caused by interlobular artery caused by renal parenchymal ischemia.

4, sudden abdominal pain, there are extensive tenderness with muscle tension: clinical findings, patients with spontaneous renal rupture in the case of non-invasive, may be due to secondary infection caused by renal pelvic ulceration, causing renal hematoma and urinary extravasation The Manifested as sudden abdominal pain, there are extensive tenderness with muscle tension.

5, oliguria and polyuria alternately appear: the symptoms of this hydronephrosis more common in some patients with primary hydronephrosis, generally may be a large number of urination after a sudden reduction in mass, reduce pain, urine volume is reduced when the mass Rapid increase, increased pain. If the bilateral kidneys, isolated kidney or only one side of the function of the kidneys appear water, accompanied by severe renal damage to the patient, there is oliguria or anuria.

What are the symptoms of early hydronephrosis? There are many aspects of early hydronephrosis symptoms, in addition to the above points will appear gastrointestinal symptoms, due to patients with hydronephrosis, urine discharge blocked, there may be abdominal pain, abdominal distension , Nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, in a large number of drinking water after the above symptoms will increase. In the treatment of patients need to pay attention to specific symptoms for the appropriate treatment, so that the treatment will be better.

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