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Neonatal fetal hydronephrosis how to treat it?

2017-07-01 10:59

Patient: I am pregnant for 8 months, B-show baby left kidney area kidney collection system separation 16MM, now baby 7 months (boy) surface looks no exception. Do I want to go to the hospital with a child? If the hospital is not just to be a B-ultrasound, you can determine whether there is a problem.

Expert: Your child belongs to the fetal examination of the hydronephrosis. Ultrasound should be performed on 3-7 days after birth. Fetal period of detection of hydronephrosis has a clear tendency to spontaneous relief, but not all will be alleviated. Like your child this situation, according to our statistics, more than 20% within 2 years of age need surgery. There is no exact way to predict whether the need for surgery, only through follow-up, observe the changes in the disease, follow-up means include ultrasound and isotope testing. Once the urine, large children with abdominal pain, the doctor found that the abdomen mass, etc. need surgery, while the isotope kidney map indicates that renal function has been damaged or progressive decline also need surgery. I suggest you go to the specialist hospital line related checks.

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